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Rockin Out

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For--Christian Rock:music sharing/discussing;icons/graphics of any kind
The Community
This community is for sharing music.
But not only that, it's a way to introduce
others to a maybe more appealing "christian
Because sometimes to others Christian music
can be a turn off, and christian rock might
open up their eyes to see: not all "Christian"
music has to be so cut and dry
So feel free to share your opinion on
christian bands you love, or maybe they are
not necessarily "christian bands" in the
public eye,like PARAMORE if they have clean
music and speak a message feel free to share
Community Rules

-This is a CHRISTIAN community so
all profanity and other obscene comments/posts
are not welcome here
-No being rude/obnoxious to other posters
-Share Away
-This is a community for
icons,headers,banners,music etc.

-Lovegoldenaftrnoon, Your Moderator
Christian rock
Christian Rock was initially a
somewhat controversial style in Christian
circles, as more conservative elements
believed all rock & roll to be inherently evil
by nature, and gospel radio programmers were
ccordingly reluctant to program the music
when it appeared during the mid-'70s. But
others began to see Christian rock as an
effective way to reach the unconverted,
wrapping spiritual messages in an attractive
package that strongly resembled a highly
popular mainstream musical style.--quoted